Talent Learning And Development

SLC provides talent development program by using experiential learning social cognitive behavior method and competency based approach with timely manner, fun & simple tools and conducted by experienced trainers, facilitators, coaches & experts.

Talent Strategy

SLC believes that mature organization should have the right talent in running its business very well. That’s why every organization should have a strategy to have their talent pool aligned with the organization objectives, managing their talents and have a detail information about their talents in the future.

Organizational Excellence

SLC provides a customized approach in delivering the consultancy process for all of our clients. We combine our specialized experience, case study, research and proven-simple method to meet organization goals.

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What they say


“Their consultants are very helpful and resourceful. They are really understand what we need and give us the best solution we need to improve our organization.”

Supervisor at PT. PELNI (persero)

“They deliver project management training so simple. They can make something difficult to be easy to understand PMBOK. Its very fun too by their project management board game. Thanks coach!”

Project Manager
Project Manager at PT. ABM Investama Tbk

“Fun, simple, easy to understand and able to be applied for the participants in their workplace.”

Lydia Kurniawan
HR Head at PT. Matahari Putra Prima, Tbk

“SLC provided experiential learning method in delivering their training program. They use boardgames, business simulation games, professional trainer and expert so we can practice what we get in the workplace."

Pulung S. A
Manager at PT. Hutama Karya

SLC helped us to restructure our organization & develop performance management system from corporate to individual with a simple approach and easy to be implemented.

Director at PT. Hutama Karya Infrastruktur
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